Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween House Tour 2022

Happy Halloween! It occurred to me that, while I had shared our annual skeleton display, I hadn't posted anything about our other decorations on this blog. That's not to say that I haven't documented them; as in years past, I've been posting a picture a day on Instagram and Facebook. But, since this space has served as a time machine for our family since 2006, It only feels right that I document the house here as well.

So, here we go!

The main focus in the living room is the fireplace mantel and the entertainment center, where I display all of the pumpkins that Hugh carved over the years when the kids were young (no picture of that, but they are well represented in other Halloween house tour posts on this blog). For the mantel, I decided to create a display that one might find in a typical home, only....creepy.

There are also a number of smaller displays in the living room...

New to the rotation this year was a table display. I loved it so much, I invited friends over for dinner just so we could enjoy it.

The front entry features a broom parking station and all of the evidence that there is a witch in residence.

This year, I set up my Halloween village. It doesn't come out every year, so that was special.

Meanwhile, on the porch, an army of spiders was invading...

There were also some touches of a spooky way (think Morticia Adams)..

I'll end this post with a couple of shots of this year's Halloween charcuterie board; I've used this skeleton twice now for this purpose, with unique results each time. Love it.

Tonight, the Man-Cub and Shanti are coming over for pizza and to hand out candy to any Trick-or-Treaters we may have. This is how one spends time on the holiday with their grown children and I'm here for it.


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