Thursday, February 02, 2023

Galentines Care Package

It's finally February, which means two things; one: men all over the nation will be scrambling to purchase flowers that will be dead within a week of their delivery, and two: the card and chocolate companies are about to rack in 99.999% of their annual revenues.

Since the floral, card, and candy industries all deserve to prosper, I wish them well.

February in my household also means that a care package of some sort will be sent to one or the other of my children (child not receiving a care package in the mail will be receiving one by hand delivery, so don't fret for that poor child).

It is the girl child's turn again this year. So, what was in her package? Thanks for asking!

In the Box:

-My Mini heart-shaped waffle iron

-Two novels by Colleen Hoover

-Two bunches of Martha Stewart faux tulips

-A set of stuffed mice for the Grandcat

-A sparkly pink collar, also for the Grandcat

-A box of Valentines cat treats, for, say it with me, the Grandcat

-A bee-shaped Bath & Body Works Wallflower

-Limoncello scented Wallflower refill

-One pair of fuzzy Valentines socks

One box of Valentines Blow Pop suckers

-Red and pink hair clips

I sent the package in January so that Queen B  (and the Grandcat) would have time to enjoy the items in the box.

I'm working on the Man-Cub's Valentines box, which will include some of the cut sugar cookies that I baked last weekend, so, again, don't worry that he (or my other Grandcat) will be deprived of seasonal love.

After all, someone's gotta keep the chocolate industry in business.

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