Friday, February 17, 2023

Friday Favorites

I haven't done a favorites post yet this month, and since it looks like I'm only managing one a month, I better get to it.

I discovered this whisk attachment on either Facebook or TikTok and was immediately intrigued; if there is one thing I hate, it's cleaning frosting and other gunk off the underside of my Kitchenaid. This silicone shield keeps that from happening and makes cleaning batter, frosting, etc. off the whisk a breeze. 

Another favorite is this set of poppy vinyl decals for my large Kitchenaid mixer. They elevated my mixer from boring to snazzy in just a matter of minutes and, in hindsight, I should have ordered them way back when I originally purchased the rose pattern for my smaller mixer.

Since I've been on a bread-baking kick, I purchased a set of banneton bowls and other accessories for the perfect sourdough loaf. Have I yet acomplished a perfect sourdough loaf? I have not. But at least I have the tools needed to try.  

In other shopping news; I found several new colors in my never-ending quest for Martha Stewart faux tulips. I am still on the hunt for purple, which are Queen B's favorite.

And, lastly, I have to recommend this Birdie personal alarm. I purchased one each for myself, Queen B, and Shanti. They are small and discreet but pack a serious punch in decibels. Just pull the pin and the alarm shrieks like a banshee.

That's it for this month!

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  1. Oh I am going to have to look for that whisk shield and I love those decals. I have a Cricut and I never think to use it for simple household things like that!