Monday, February 06, 2023

I've Got Hearts In My Eyes

I busted out my Valentines Day decorations late last month so that I would have some time to enjoy them before immediately transitioning into Spring decor (I am jumping the gun a bit, but in my defense; spring and summer cannot get here quickly enough).

I've mentioned it before, but these faux tulips by Martha Stewart are an absolute favorite of mine. They look and feel super realistic and they brighten up the spaces in which they are placed.

I have also mentioned my love for vintage inspired Valentines decor. This year, I added cute ceramic plates from Hobby Lobby to the mix. Every time I look at them, I am transported back to Mayberry Elementary and the many Valentines Day parties that I enjoyed while attending classes in the historic buildings (the squeaking sound of small feet on wood floors, paper hearts strung in a garland across the chalkboards that stretched the full width of the room, the smell of chalk dust, and the taste of red suckers and conversation hearts, not to mention the thrill of opening each small envelope, painstakingly addressed by each of my classmates, in their finest printing or cursive writing). 

I wish adults had the opportunity to experience something similar each February.

This weekend, I frosted the cut-sugar cookies that I baked the previous weekend. They are now stored safely away from prying eyes (and lips and tongues) until they are presented to their intended recipients next Tuesday. These cookies were a part of the Man-Cub's childhood and I love that he still requests them.

You can bet that, as soon as the hearts return to their storage bins; I will be rolling out some dough and cutting a few egg, chick, and carrot shapes for the Cub to enjoy for Easter. Valentines Day may pass, but the love will go on.

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