Friday, November 17, 2023

Friday Favorites, World on Fire Edition

The title of this post is not meant to be a reflection of the dumpster fire that is our world right now, but, if the shoe fits...


No, the title of the post is meant to refer to the amazing color that we have been experiencing this fall season, despite the fact that the color was late in arriving. That tardiness has been excused, thanks to the vibrance of the color and the lengthy period in which the leaves have graced the trees. There is still plenty of foliage on the branches, despite the carpet of fallen leaves, covering lawns and walkways.

One of my favorite things to do is to take walks in the fall; the sound of crunching leaves is soothing to my soul, as is the unique smell of the dry leaf dust, as they slowly disintegrate into compost for the spring grass.

The weather has also been glorious this season, providing many opportunities to enjoy lunch on the porch at Not So New Job. 

The late color also means that the window for autumn photography has been open for an extended period of time, which is why we were able to accommodate a family photo session for Anthony and Bethany, despite being rained out the first weekend that we were scheduled.

Speaking of windows of opportunity, this weekend, Hugh will be hauling the blow molds out of the crawlspace and getting the outside of the house ready for Christmas; this is the only time that his schedule will allow for this between now and the actual holiday.

Meanwhile, inside; Thanksgiving decor will reign supreme until the last crumb of pumpkin pie is eaten on Thanksgiving day.

I used a ton of jewel tones in my decor this year and I absolutely love it. And, you can't have jewels without gold, so I added a set of pheasants that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I am planning to use fresh flowers on the table for Thanksgiving dinner, and these pheasants will round out the table scape; nicely.

My favorite, favorite thing, though? I purchased a set of vintage Gurley Thanksgiving candles on Macari and am displaying them with the Gurley turkey candle that I picked up at Pickin' at the Pea this year. I am in love. These candles remind me of my childhood and I was pumped to find them in such good condition.

That wraps up this edition! 

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