Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Time Flies, Turkeys Don't

I can't believe that Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away; it snuck up on me this year and I am left feeling slightly unprepared. 

Yesterday, Mom picked up our turkey, so at least I know that is done. 

Then, I ran to two different stores to pick up the bread cubes that I use in my stuffing and neither store had any. I picked up a couple of loaves of French bread and I am letting it dry out on my counter top; it's the way that I used to do it before the grocery stores started offering the pre-cut cubes, so it's really no big deal.

I am planning a pretty chill celebration for the most part, anyway. Shanti and the Man-Cub are dining at her parents' house this year and then joining us for dessert later in the day. Queen B is making the short drive to the Rodeo Princess's place, where they will be joined by my cousin's daughter (which makes her the girls' third cousin? I think? When you have an extended family as large as mine, it gets confusing); the three of them are cooking their own feast and I can't wait for the SOS calls to roll in.

Oscar and Emily will be joining Hugh, Mom, and I for dinner, and, with it just being the five of us; I'm not planning to cook in the large quantities that I normally do. It will be a great meal, regardless. I'm just thankful that they are all going to be with us for another year and that we will get to share our excitement over the kid's engagement and all the fun that is to come.

Every Thanksgiving turkey of my childhood was served on this platter; I rescued it from the Donate pile when we moved Mom to Hooterville last year. It will now, and forever, grace my kitchen counter on Thanksgiving day.

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