Thursday, November 02, 2023

Kicking Off a Month of Gratitude

November is one of my favorite months. It's my birth month as well as the month that features the best food holiday of the year, and, this year; I'll get to spend a few days in Texas with Queen B, courtesy of my amazing staff, who pooled their money to buy me a plane ticket as a birthday gift. It goes without saying that I am beyond grateful for those amazing women.

November is the perfect time to count our blessings and to express thankfulness and gratitude. I've done gratitude posts in the past and have decided to do it again this year, so; expect to read a lot of posts about the blessings in my life. Thankfully, there are many.

Yesterday, I took the day off to change over my decor from Halloween to Thanksgiving. I couldn't do that without the support of my staff, who not only hold down the fort when I am gone, but do so seamlessly. I've written a lot about how challenging Not So New Job can be and that has not changed, but; having a staff that works as hard as mine does definitely makes the challenges easier to overcome.

And, for that, I am grateful.

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  1. That was so sweet of them to pool their money for a plane ticket for you; I just know you'll have a wonderful time!