Monday, November 06, 2023

The Gift of Time

I am back at work today, and, still feeling very grateful for the couple of days that I took off last week. I used the time away from the office to get things on the home front tidied up a bit; there was a fine layer of dust left behind when I put away the Halloween decorations. I also set up my Thanksgiving decor, which will be on display until the tree goes up on Thanksgiving night. I am a huge believer in not skipping straight from Halloween to Christmas.

Once the house was clean and organized, I turned my attention to a little bit of relaxation, which looked a lot like laziness. The divot on my side of the couch can attest.

Now that I am back at work, I am feeling a lot more capable of diving into the tasks that need to be accomplished before the end of the year; I wasn't feeling that at all prior to last week, so the time away was a tremendous blessing. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity and that I took it.

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