Saturday, June 22, 2024

Friday Favorites First Day of Summer Edition

Well, shit. I meant to publish this yesterday and the day totally got away from me. I'm in the homestretch when it comes to the planning and execution of Shanti's bridal shower and my To Do list got the better of me.

Anyhoodle, better late than never.

Favorite number one: The girls from the office, Shanti, and I continue to attend Wild Women Wednesdays at the golf course. We are all seeing some improvement, and the drinks continue to satisfy.

Favorites number two: Ok, this isn't 100% a favorite, but it was...interesting. It's an Orange Cloudsicle from Sonic. I ordered it in place of the Route 44 diet cherry coke that I was originally intending to purchase because I was intrigued by the advertisement for it on the menu board. It ended up looking nothing like the picture from the ad, and the orange syrup was perhaps the most toxic looking color I have ever encountered, but; the soft serve ice cream was delicious, so I'm giving it an 8/10. It's a limited edition item, so you might want to hustle to your local Sonic if you want to experience it, yourself.

Favorite number three: The drinks pictured were not the actual favorite- they are limited edition refresher drinks from Starbucks- but, instead, it was Mom's reaction to her first "Bobo drink", which was a little surprised "Oh! It's squishy!" when she got her first boba ball. Also, the fact that the barista could not spell Dorothy. Ha!

Favorite number four: We've had a shit ton of rain in the past two days, and the roses at Not So New Job are loving it. 

Favorite number five: the fern I bought at the barn sale back in May is thriving on my porch. I am not a houseplant kind of gal, but I am enamored of this plant for some reason.

Favorite number six: My roses have come out of a cycle of disease that I fought tooth and nail to overcome. They are all looking so much more healthy now and I am getting some blooms.

That's it for now. Tomorrow is the shower for Shanti, so I am certain to have a long list of favorites next week. You know, assuming I remember to hit "publish".

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