Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Recipes From the Porch: Mojitos by the Pitcher

I have mentioned that I am not growing vegetables in the garden this year, but that I planted a container of mint, as well as a container of herbs. The mint has been going gangbuster since I planted it, and I have been looking for ways to use it, hence this recipe.

I've already made these mojitos twice and have every reason to believe that they will be a porch staple throughout the summer; Hugh even likes them. They are super easy to make and the small pitcher I use generally serves up five large glasses.

The ingredients:

-30-36 fresh mint leaves, washed

-1/2 sugar

-3 limes, quartered

-1 cup rum

-1 liter Club Soda

Add sugar and mint to pitcher and crush together with a muddler.

Add limes and continue muddling until limes are juiced.

Add rum and Club Soda and stir until sugar is completely dissolved.

Serve over ice, using a strainer to catch the larger mint flakes.


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