Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Lake is Calling

Saturday afternoon, while I was enjoying my mojito on the porch, Hugh was pulling the Sea Chelle out of drydock. We looked back through my blog posts and determined that she hadn't been on the water since 2020, which is crazy, but which coincided with Hugh's purchase of the four wheelers, so not completely unexplainable.

The minute he pulled the cover off her, the scent of summers gone by wafted through the air and I was immediately transported back to the days when we would gather up the kids and head to the lake with Chris and Jana. Those were some of the best days of our lives, and I have missed them.

So, the following day, we grabbed the Man-Cub (Shanti was working, boo!) and met up with Chris and Jana to relive some of that old time summer magic.

And, to celebrate Chris and this guy for Father's Day.

Chris and Jana recently sold their old boat and purchased a new, slightly bigger one. They needed more hull seating for their rapidly growing family (they're up to three granddaughters, now!). The configuration of their boat now more closely resembles that of the Sea Chelle. Fun side note: we purchased the Sea Chelle in 2008, which is a fun fact that I also had to look up on this blog. 

Additional side note: if I hadn't been documenting our life on these pages, we wouldn't have a clue where we've been for all these years.

Anyhoodle, we loaded up the boat with all of the standard staples (Chris's favorite pasta salad, meat and cheese for lettuce wraps, snacks, and fresh cherries and plenty of sunscreen and water), and headed south of Hooterville to a local state park. This lake is not our favorite, because the water is from mountain snow run-off, so it never warms up and is uncomfortable to be in. However, it's where Chris and Jana dock their larger cabin cruiser, and they wanted to check in on it.

Once we were on the water, we were joined by Darren's in-laws, which made it even more like Old Times, just with new (young!) faces added to the mix.

While we were cruising around the lake, we FaceTimed with Queen B, so it was almost like she was there with us. We also made it a point to meet up with Shanti's folks and sister, who were on their pontoon along with Shanti's uncle and his girlfriend. 

The fact that they have a pontoon and we have a speed boat obviously sets us all up to be super fun grandparents! You know, some day (no pressure, Man-Cub 😂).

Speaking of fun grandparents, this is one of Jana's granddaughters. Watching one of my besties living her best Nana Jana life is such a privilege. Love it!

We spent the majority of the day on the lake. The weather was almost perfect (minus the wind, which came and went), and we were the best kind of tired once we got home.

I'm hoping that we will make more of an effort to get the Sea Chelle out more frequently this summer; there is no reason why we can't make time for both the boat and the 4 wheelers, after all.

Fingers crossed!

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day on the lake!