Thursday, June 06, 2024

I Smell Dead People...and Roses

Yesterday afternoon, while working on the details for our upcoming golf tournament, my office filled with smoke.

I immediately assumed that the building was on fire and sprung into action, organizing an evacuation plan for the people in the building.

Luckily, I also immediately discovered that the building was not, in fact, on fire but; that the smoke was coming from somewhere in the neighborhood. So, one of my staff and I followed the smoke around the corner of the block, where we saw a column rising above a house. We were thisclose to calling the fire department when we went a few steps farther and realized that the smoke was pouring out of a smokestack...on the local mortuary.

So, yeah...we were smelling dead people. Or, person. 

It was quite shocking because, in the almost five years that I have been at Not So New Job, I have never seen or smelled smoke coming from the mortuary. I really hope it was an isolated event and we don't have that experience again.

Once the smoke cleared the neighborhood, my staff and I took a walk, stopping to chat with a gentleman who tends a yard full of the most gorgeous roses that I have ever seen. We've walked by the yard many, many times, but this was our first opportunity to chat with the tenant, who spent the better part of the next half hour telling us all about the roses. We appreciated his knowledge and the fact that the fragrance of the roses drowned out the dead body smell in our nostrils.

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