Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Mythos Of The 50’s Housewife

Last night I did something in my kitchen that I have never done before. I busted out a can of the Campbell’s soup and made dinner from a recipe on the label; cheeseburger pasta, to be exact.

And, lo, the earth did not cease to spin. In fact, that shit was mighty tasty and easier than I care to admit. In fact, it was so easy and such a hit with the whole family, I might just start making all our dinners from recipes found on Campbell soup cans.

I’m totally going to wear an apron and a string of pearls, too.

Then the earth will cease spinning.


  1. I actually have a cookbook of Campbells recipes.....meals in minutes or whatever..but please share this one with me!!!

  2. I used the recipe off a can of stewed tomatoes one time for Skillet lasagna, and it was equally as tasty. I just ordered Dinners for Desparate familes, or something like that.