Friday, September 08, 2006

Things I Plan To Do This Weekend…

…which may or may not actually get done.

-Raspberry picking with Jana and the kids. Jana’s mom has a raspberry thicket behind her house and each summer I am the recipient of several pints of fresh berries, a jar of preserves and a syrup of Granny’s that is simply to die for. This year, I will be exchanging labor for the fruity goodness due to the fact that Granny and Step-Father II are vacationing in Florida; somebody has to pick those berries. Now, here’s why it may not get done; the past two days we have been experiencing torrential downpours which have led to some flash flooding and a hell of a lot of mud. Now, I’m all for berry picking in the sunshine but, slogging through mud in order to fill our berry buckets? Yeah, not so much.

-Attending mass at the local Catholic Church. It has been quite a while since I made the pilgrimage to our house of worship and, while we were driving to our hometown last weekend, I had a long conversation about God and religion with my girlfriend, Joy. She reminded me of why I liked attending mass when I was younger and also (totally unintentionally) shamed me for not instilling a better understanding of my religion in my own children. So, why might this not happen? Because I am lazy.

-Setting up a garage photo shoot of my children. Several months ago, I purchased a backdrop and backdrop supporter on eBay. I have been meaning to set it up since practically the moment I received the package from the UPS guy. Plus, the amateur photo show is coming up again in October and I have no new pieces to enter; clearly I need to get my tail in gear. Of course, this will require that I clean out the garage, sweep the floor, set up the supports, hang the backdrop, wrestle the kids into decent clothing AND convince them that they want to smile pretty for the camera. I don’t think I need to elaborate on why this particular project may not happen.

-Signing the Man-Cub up for Boy Scouts. His sudden interest in scouting is traceable to his respect and admiration for his new seat-mate at school who is in Scouts and whose mother is by all accounts THE Den Mother. Hugh was delighted to hear of the child’s interest since he himself is an Eagle Scout. As for me, eh, I could take it or leave it and much will depend on the required schedule. So, yeah, I guess that, whether this particular chore gets done or not, is entirely dependent on my mood and…things aren’t looking too good for the Man-Cub. Shhh…don’t tell him.

One thing that I know for certain will happen this weekend is the funeral for Neighbor Bob. The Girl took the news of his death pretty hard but she seemed to comfort herself with the idea that he is in a far better place and that has been reunited with his dear wife and I can’t ask for better than that. Tonight, she plans to paint a picture and write a letter for Bob and she is adamant about attending the funeral, her first ever. I would try to come up with some reason for not attending since funerals bum me out but, I think we all know that won’t happen.

As to which of my other exciting goals (did I just drip sarcasm on you? My bad) get accomplished this weekend, well; you’ll just have to tune in Monday, now won’t you?

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