Friday, September 01, 2006

New Beginnings

Wow, September already! My how this year is flying by. Not that I’m complaining, I love September. I love that the kids are back in school (yes, I know that technically happened in August, la, la, la), I love that the weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and that the trees will soon drape themselves in their autumn finery.

September also means that the Man-Cub’s birthday will soon be upon us which means one thing and one thing only; a party must be had. This year the Cub has requested a pirate theme for his shindig. I tried my best to dissuade him since, the last birthday party he attended was a pirate themed birthday and, didn’t he want to be original? Apparently, not so much. To appease the little lemming, I will be scouring the internet and local party supply stores for appropriate pirate booty with which to impress his friends. Arrrggg.

In addition to celebrating the anniversary of my son’s birth, Hugh and I will be celebrating our thirteenth wedding anniversary this month. Thirteen years of wedded bliss (you know, if you forget the parts that were less than blissful which we do because, that’s how we roll), time really does fly; it seems like just yesterday that I walked into that Red Cross CPR class and noticed the attractive guy with the really nice ass straddling Resusci-Annie. Good times.

In honor of our anniversary, I made Hugh a photo DVD depicting our life together, thus far. While I know the more sentimental photos, such as our first date, the wedding and the births of the children are sure to elicit tears from the big softie, I also included photos of us in some less-than-flattering circumstances and he should get a laugh out of the project as well. At least, he better considering that this thing has taken me almost a year to put together; thirteen years worth of pictures takes a while to sort through, who knew?

Anyway, our anniversary is Monday and, ironic isn’t it, that I would choose Labor Day weekend for my wedding? I mean, it isn’t like marriage is work or anything. Or, you know, so I thought THIRTEEN years ago.

And, speaking of weddings, as I have mentioned, my girlfriend arrives from Phoenix tonight and, together, we will make the drive to our hometown for our friend's wedding tomorrow. I’m looking forward to the wedding for a variety of reasons; one, I never thought I would see the day that this particular friend would find exactly the right woman to spend the rest of his natural life with and, two, the wedding is a western hoe-down where casual attire will be the rule, not the exception. I am totally wearing jeans to a wedding! This is a first for me and I cannot let the moment go unacknowledged.

Oh, and, there will be liquor.

‘Nuff said.


  1. I used to have a blog here too, and never took the time to figure it all out! Glad you're still writing!!!! Now I have to see if I can remember my old username and password so I can leave this darn comment!
    Thanks for all the nice notes about my mom also.....they mean more than you know.
    Nicole (nmnohr)

  2. Yay for changes! Congratulations on the anniversary! Lucky 13, eh? I can't believe how crafty you are with the photos. Do you have a program for that?