Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

The Man-Cub made it through the day without being teased, taunted or otherwise harassed by the playground bullies yesterday. Obviously they heard that The Girl was gunning for them and, fearing for their very lives, made the wise decision to lay off. Or, they came to the realization that Scouting is super cool they were researching ways to start their very own pack.

Oh, who are we kidding; they were busy teasing the kids from the Math Club.

The important thing is the Man-Cub had a great day and this, despite the fact that his Scout meeting was cancelled due to the illness of his Den Mother’s son. So, to re-cap; the kid got dressed in a uniform that essentially screams Bully me! And went to school were the bullies are and then didn’t even get the payoff of launching rocks from a catapult.

Yet, he had a great day; sometimes, his unflagging optimism puts me to shame.

This is probably why I have such a hard time saying no to him sometimes. Like, say… last night, when he asked to sleep in my bed. In my defense, Hugh was in Milwaukee and I cannot possibly be expected to sleep without someone hogging the covers, snoring in my ear and drooling on the pillow next to me so, acquiescing to his request was also somewhat selfish on my part.

Admitting my own selfishness doesn’t really qualify as much of a defense does it? Fine! He used the puppy-dog eyes and the pouty lip on me, happy?

Also, how is it that I can spell acquiesce without the assistance of Spell-Check yet I still have a hard time with their and to? Mind. Boggling.

Back to the topic of my selfishness; the organizer of one of our community events just called to invite me to speak on the event’s behalf at a budget hearing tonight and I begged off because I have to pick Hugh up at the airport. Which doesn’t exactly qualify as selfish until you consider the fact that his plane doesn’t get in until after ten and the meeting is at 7:30; I just didn’t want to miss Lost.

In other news, I am getting a hair cut today. Well, technically I am getting them all cut, not just one as they have been equally uncooperative and must therefore pay as a group for their disobedience. I can no longer tolerate their shenanigans for we are having a formal family portrait taken the first weekend in November and I must look somewhat presentable.

One place I won’t have to look presentable? Work. That’s right people; it’s time again for Chelle’s Annual Autumn Stay at Home Mother Project! One solid week of baking, car-pooling, volunteering in the classroom and cleaning my house. I can hardly wait and, I say that with not the slightest hint of sarcasm; I really can’t wait.

Ok, fine, you got me; I have also scheduled a full-body massage and I’m looking forward to cracking open my latest bottle of the OPI. Hellooo people, selfish, remember?

Could be worse, I could be teasing Boy Scouts and stealing kids’ lunch money on the playground.

Nah, I might break a nail.

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  1. Milwaukee? As in Milwaukee, WI? Why the hell didn't you come with him? That's less than 2 hours from me!!!! Next time :o)