Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tae Kwon “Doh!”

The first Tuesday of each month is Program Day for my woman’s club and today’s program was presented by the local Tae Kwon Do club which means that I got to spend an hour of my busy day watching elementary school-age kids run around in their pajamas, kicking each other. Seriously, y’all, I can watch that at home. To say I was slightly bored would be a tremendous understatement and, were it not for the fact that I had a Board meeting immediately following the program, I would have gotten up and left. The Board meeting was all that kept me in my seat, really.

The possibility that a tae kwon do crazed elementary school kid might tap-dance all over me in her bare feet if I dared attempt escape never even entered my mind.


I know, I know, how old am I?

Just about old enough for puberty, if the blemishes on my face are any indication. It’s embarrassing, folks; my chin is hosting the zit version of Woodstock, minus the tie-dye shirts and reefer.

On a happier note, the damage to my car was even more minor than we originally thought. We actually won’t need to replace the dented hubcap since, upon inspection; we discovered that it is made of plastic rather than of metal and the dent popped right out! I know! Isn’t it comforting to know that the cars we spend tens of thousands of dollars on are made of such a pliable material? Why, if a tae kwon do crazed elementary kid was to kick my car door? That dent would pop right out.

They should have demonstrated that nifty trick at the program. It would have made the whole thing ever so much more interesting and might have drawn attention away from Zitapalooza on my chin.

I said might have.

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