Monday, October 02, 2006

Starting the Day Off With a Bang

This morning I discovered that I possess two super powers. The first is invisibility and I discovered it when an elderly woman turned right into my car without ever even realizing that I was there. Invisibility is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Luckily, I also appear to have super lightning fast reflexes and I was able to jerk my car to the right while accelerating, managing to escape all but minor damage to the back wheel-well of my car.

To recap; invisibility, bad. Super-human speed, good.

Unfortunately, Hugh was impressed with neither super power and was even less impressed with my lack of common sense considering the fact that I didn’t report the accident right away. In my defense, the accident occurred right in front of an automotive repair shop where the son of the woman who had hit me happens to work. Her son, who just so happens to know my husband, immediately claimed responsibility for the repairs on my car, repairs, I remind you, which will be quite minor. The woman was very upset about the whole ordeal; she had been turning into the repair shop to visit her son and really had just not seen me which, duh, invisibility, and I just didn’t feel the need to upset her further. Plus, her car sustained far greater damage than mine.

I did end up filing a report with the police department but I declined to press charges so the woman won’t get a ticket. I have every faith that her son will fix my hubcap and the trim around my wheel-well which is really all the damage that was done and I think we can all just move forward.

Of course, I am going to have to put some energy into controlling my super-powers in the future.

In less climactic news, my weekend was absolutely fabulous.

In case you were eagerly awaiting my review, Hugh and I watched The Lake House and, while it did not suck, it also does not make my top-ten list of favorite movies.

Hmm. That was actually a pretty disappointing review, I suppose. Hey, try reading it again only, this time, imagine yourself reading it in the Movie Guy’s voice. Better, no?


So, Saturday, Jana and I took the kids to the mountains for a picnic. The weather absolutely could not have been better and the trees were gorgeous. We spread a blanket under a couple of aspens and enjoyed sandwiches, cheese and crackers and a bottle of Pinot Grigio while the kids built a small fort with downed limbs and underbrush.

I should clarify; the kids drank hot chocolate, not wine. apparently, Social Services frowns on the underage drinking thing. See? I do have common sense! Would someone please let Hugh know? Thanks!

Where was I? Oh, yes, it felt so good to relax! Jana and I caught up on each other’s lives and made plans for additional get-togethers later in the season and it was just…..nice. I haven’t been that still for some time and I really appreciated the natural beauty surrounding us.

And the wine was tasty. Not that any of the kids would know!

On our way back down the mountain, we stopped underneath a stand of ancient pines to gather pinecones. When we got back to my house, we set the kids up on the front porch with a jar of peanut butter and a large bag of birdseed so they could make feeders for the birds. They turned out quite well and we now have the pleasure of watching our feathered friends dine in our yard.

Have I mentioned lately how very much I love my wrap-around porch? I totally do. If it had lips, I would totally make out with it and I can’t wait to host our annual pumpkin carving party on it later this month.

Sunday, Hugh worked for the police department and the kids entertained a friend from the neighborhood (on the porch, I might add. Soon, they too, will want to make out with the porch). I did my usual Sunday chores and also had a visit from Oscar and Emily, who are just back from their visit with family in Maine. It was a pleasant afternoon.

No, really. It actually was.

The rest of the evening was nice as well. Hugh's one and only sister called and we had a long chat. Hugh had taken a routine traffic call during the day which turned out to be anything but routine; he arrested five people and confiscated a large amount of rock cocaine, so I had to get the play-by-play of the arrest. Then, The Girl and I watched the Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives while we soaked our feet in a tingly peppermint foot bath. The Girl is still chewing her fingernails, which drives her father absolutely insane so, before I sent her to bed, I polished them in the vain hope that the nail polish will deter her habit. Time will tell.

Unfortunately, I did not get the ability to see into the future in addition to my other super powers.

What a rip-off.

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