Monday, October 23, 2006

Pink Is My signature Color

I spent part of my weekend educating Jana on 1980’s culture and, y’all; I had never felt older in my life than when Miss Ten Years Younger informed me that she had never seen Steele Magnolias.

Until we followed up with the whole Brat Pack? What’s a brat pack? conversation that is. I cried real tears, then.

If you’re wondering why we were even on the topic; thanks for asking! It came up when Jana asked me to help her with some ideas for a costume for an 80’s party that she and New Hubby are attending later this week. I tried to help. I did; when it became apparent that we were speaking two different languages regarding 80’s attire (bomber jacket? Pegged jeans? Sweater vests? Bueller, Bueller?), I even offered up my old high school year books as visual aids.

My ears are still ringing from the laughter.

It was on the heels of my humiliation (Oh my GOD; is that your hair? It’s huge!), that Miss Still Sucking Her Thumb When I Was French-Kissing the Basketball Captain let it slip that she had never seen Steele Magnolias. Two hours, a box of Kleenex, a bottle of Yellowtail merlot and a plateful of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies later though, that had all changed.

What? You’ve never paired a really good merlot with warm, ooey-gooey, fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies? You have not lived; go forth and experience; you can thank me later.

The wine, by the way, gets all the credit for Jana confessing that she knew nothing of Madonna: The Like a Virgin Years meaning her first exposure to the material girl was that of the I Dream of Genie pony-tail and the metallic funnel bra which… how sad.

That alone makes up for the comments about my hair.

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