Friday, December 08, 2006

Because You Can’t Have a Party Without Music

And because it just wouldn’t be Christmas without carols, I give you, some of my favorite holiday tunes.

-Baby Its Cold Outside, the Ella Fitzgerald version.
-O Holy Night
-What Child Is This
-All I Want for Christmas Is You, the only song by Mariah Carey that doesn’t make me want to chew my own ears off before retching into my santa hat. Assuming I had a santa hat and, you mouth was actually big enough to reach my ears. Which it is not (no comments from the peanut gallery, Hugh).
-Silent Night
-Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
-Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
-Last Christmas
-Its Christmas (All over the world)
-I’ll Be Home for Christmas
-The First Noel
-Jingle Bell Rock
-Where Are You Christmas?
-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
-Carol of the Bells
-Do You Hear What I Hear
-The Little Drummer Boy

There are others, of course, too many to list. In fact, I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t start gagging uncontrollably the minute the radio stations commence with the holiday line-up, no matter how early in the season; I might just discover a new favorite.

I might also be guilty of extreme sentimentality, tearing up at inopportune moments like say, while standing in the frozen foods section of the grocery store while Silent Night plays over the loud speakers. Or, when a particularly sappy commercial comes on the television.

I said I might be (shut up, Hugh).

In news not related to the holidays (wha? This isn’t a Holiday blog?), The Man-Cub has recently been participating in a wrestling program sponsored by our local High School. The program pairs First through Third Grade pee-wee wrestlers with a “buddy” from the high school wrestling team for a month or so of practice clinics, culminating in a mini-tournament. It’s a great program all the way around, the younger kids learn new skills and techniques and the teenagers come to realize, and embrace, the benefits of birth control. Win-win. So, last night we attended the mini-tournament where we finally got to meet the Cub’s buddy, Zack who seems like a good kid and is, according to Hugh, a very talented wrestler. He is also rather cute or, so I gathered from the way The Girl and her friend, Jenny, spazzed out upon being introduced to him; like, ohmygawd! giggle, giggle, giggle.

The Cub did well in his matches and I have to give a lot of the credit to Zack who was right there, encouraging and coaching him all the way. On the way out of the gym following the tournament, the Cub mentioned that he wanted to get a gift for Zack as a Thank You-slash-Merry Christmas thing and my question is; what does one get for a sixteen year old wrestling heart throb?


The best part of the evening however was the conversation that took place in the car on the way home:

The Girl: Mom? Did you remember to pick up the mistletoe?
Chelle: Crap, I knew I was forgetting something.
Man-Cub: What do you need that for?
The Girl (rolling her eyes in dramatic fashion): We have to hang it up in the doorway so that everyone who comes to the house for Christmas will have to kiss each other, like duh!
Man-Cub (scowling): That only works in fairy tales.
The Girl: What? What are you talking about?
Man-Cub: They only turn into princes in fairy tales. It’s make-believe, like duh!

*****sound of crickets chirping*******

Chelle: Cubby, what are you talking about?
Man-Cub (sighing in exasperation) Toads! Toads!

******crickets, I swear*****

Man-Cub: MistleTOADS, gah! Girls are dumb!
The Girl: Okaaayy.

MistleTOADS, ha!

That should totally be a song!

I Saw Mommy Kissing MistleToads

Must. Add. To the. List.

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