Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Edition #1

Thirteen favorite holiday decorations!

1. Santa’s from around the world. I hand painted these and they have a special place in my kitchen window every year. I hope nothing bad ever befalls them because they were a bitch to paint and I’m not doing it again.

2. Santa bubble light. I love the look of old fashioned bubble lights so I was thrilled to pieces when I found this one.

3. Dept. 56 Dickens village. I started collecting this waaay back in the dark ages that I call “college”. I generally add a piece each year which is about all that I can afford to add. Every year I get a huge thrill out of unpacking and setting up the village and every year, I need a stiff drink before I tackle the challenge of putting it back into the boxes.

4. The latest piece of the village is the carousel that I won at a charity auction. It plays both Christmas carols and other seasonal tunes but we keep the music on mute because too much of a good thing is um…not a good thing.

5. Ok, she probably doesn’t count as a decoration but, she’s still a favorite.

6. Bumble Snow Monster! I have all the characters from Rudolph but I love Bumble the best.

7. Nutcrackers. I have them in three sizes. Hugh is none too fond of the nutcrackers, I’m not sure why, it isn’t as though I would ever use them to crack his nuts (ha! dirty holiday humor!).

8. Victorian girl ornament. My younger sister gave this to me for Christmas one year and she is the last ornament to go on the tree each year after being thoroughly checked over for chips, cracks, etc. So far, so good.

9. Nativity set. Every year, the Man-Cub places the baby Jesus in the manger. He used to place him in somewhat less traditional places (I once found him on the skating pond in the Dickens village) but, the child has matured lately.

10. Five foot tall dancing Santa. Hugh likes to plug him in with the motion sensor in the on position and then hide and wait for our cat to walk by and trip it. I think three feet off the ground is the record so far for how high the cat has jumped when startled by Santa.

11. Hand made ornament that the Man-Cub made in daycare, age two. His handprint is on the back and his photo, with those yummy delicious pouty lips, is on the front. And, the cheeks, have I mentioned the cheeks? It’s a wonder that child grew to the age of eight without me just eating his face right off.

12. My new front porch. All my life I wanted a front porch that I could decorate for the holidays. Sadly, I ran out of garland and couldn’t make it all the way around this year and, the porch isn’t totally finished but, details, ya know?

13.Elves. Ok, so technically, they are neither elves nor decorations. Still; if I could somehow convince them to dress this way all season, it would be awesome. Totally weird and definite grounds for commitment to the loony bin but still, awesome!

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  1. YOu have such a beautiful collection of decorations. My favorite are the ornaments the kids have made for me with pics of them.
    I also like the Bumble snow monster.

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Can I just say that I love, love, love your front porch! How awesome is that! I finally received extra copies of the photos of the kids, so your card just got in the mail. It will be a Happy After the Holidays card. ha

  3. Don't be too jealous, it's one of the basic templates to choose from in the change your template. It is pretty, though. :)