Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Do You Smell That?

That would be the scent of spoiled children, obviously, Santa outdid himself with the gifts this Christmas and, since The Girl squealed like a teenager being crowned Homecoming Queen when she discovered the iPod in her stocking and since the Man-Cub has been virtually inseparable from his new Play Station, I guess the Big Guy got it all right. Honestly, the only thing that does manage to pry the children away from their new electronics, is the new puppy who is the most adorable plump, wiggly example of canine cuteness ever to walk the earth, if I do say so myself. The fact that he doesn’t quite have his sea legs yet and thus resembles an old drunk when he does walk just makes him all the more adorable. You know, in my opinion.

Also, we managed to keep him a secret until Christmas morning when Hugh brought him in wrapped up in a box for the children to open. The video from that moment would be priceless if, you know; I had actually remembered to turn the camera on, gah. Oh well, we did get some pictures, which I will have to get developed soon.

Yes, developed, you see boys and girls, back in the dark ages of photography, a camera required film upon which images were captured. The film then required processing in order to develop the prints. I know its sooo archaic, what can I say? Nevertheless, don’t cry for me, for I entered the current century an hour after the dog arrived, when I opened a package from Hugh containing a digital Canon Rebel, oooh, ahhh. Now I have the best of all photographic worlds, a small digital for casual use and the super model for portraits and other special photos. So, I guess it wasn’t just the children who were spoiled although, I swear, I'm not responsible for the smell.

We could probably blame the puppy, though.

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