Monday, April 16, 2007

Ladies Who Lunch

Saturday’s luncheon went well. According to the majority of women I spoke to; my table was a big hit. Of course, after viewing some of the other tables, I have to wonder if they were all just being polite as some of the tables were so elaborately decorated; they would have been right at home in a photo shoot for a fancy magazine.

  As usual, Hugh was a big hit with the ladies. He is officially my best accessory and I should
plan to never participate in the luncheon without him. As it stands, he is the most seasoned of the wine servers and was in high demand from tables not even assigned to him. I took the pressure off him a bit by using the biggest wine glasses in the history of glass at my table, requiring one pour and no additional refills. Trust me; the ladies at my table got plenty to drink as indicated by the number of times Hugh’s butt received a little pinch as he breezed by to service the other women (dirty!).

His mother, who was seated at my table feigned shock but even she has become accustomed to the hi-jinks of the Ladies who Lunch.

And, it’s all for a good cause, of course. While the exact numbers aren’t in just yet; early estimates place our proceeds at around $10,000 which will give us plenty of money to fund the year’s remaining projects. That makes my job as Service Chair ever so much easier since saying “yes” as opposed to saying “no” to people seeking funding always makes one more popular.

This year’s addition of a live auction featuring donated items helped to increase our proceeds quite a bit and, it was fun to watch the ladies wave their bidding paddles about in a fierce competition for the more popular items. Not as much fun? The strolling fashion show. As I mentioned in an earlier post, the wedding dress chosen for me to model was rather cumbersome which somewhat limited the “strolling” portion of the program for me. The photograph taken by the Society Photographer of our local paper perhaps best captured my ennui.

Also, my feet hurt.

And, I was a bit stressed over the fact that my children were scattered to the four corners of the world.

Which, ok; I realize that is actually impossible since I do in fact posses only two children. Work with me, people.

The Girl was at her first volleyball tournament and, although she called in to update us (tearily) on the teams' progress through the bracket (they lost, twice), I missed her presence at the luncheon. And, you know, I kind of would have liked to see her play.

The Man-Cub was with Jana, watching Darren’s soccer game and, while he never participates in the luncheon, I reserve the right to miss his presence as well. In addition, as soon as Hugh had poured his last drop of vino, he had to race off to pick up the Cub for the team draft for the rapidly approaching season of Rookie baseball. The day's schedule just made me feel so scattered. Hate.

All is well that ends well, though. After the last of my fine china and crystal was packed away into my car and the wedding dress returned to its bag, I retrieved The Girl and one of her volleyball teamates whom we had invited for a sleep-over.

Hugh managed to work on the yard a bit, the Man-Cub also got to have Darren spend the night and I got to soak my aching feet.

For the record though, they still hurt today. And, yes; I am a big baby.


  1. You look stunning as always!

  2. You look beautiful!! I'm glad your event was a success!