Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen, Edition Sixteen:
Thirteen Things That I Love About My Daughter

Instead of counting to ten when she rolls her eyes at me for having the audacity to do crazy things like, telling her that it is bedtime or to get off the phone, I like to list the things about my daughter that I love. It’s a pretty long list, but, here are my top 13.

1. She loves spinach and will eat it in any form.

2. She is protective of her little brother.

3. She can do a perfect one-handed cartwheel.

4. She enjoys reading and some of her favorite books were some of my favorite books when I was her age. You know, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

5. She still has the round, baby cheeks that she had from the moment that I met her.

6. She is cautious and thinks situations through before attempting anything physical. Why, we didn’t even know what the inside of the Emergency Room looked like before her brother was born.

7. Three words: Popcorn on a knob. OK, that’s actually four words but, her phrase for corn on the cob since the moment she could eat the stuff, is one of my favorite mispronunciations of all time.

8. I love how independent she is and how quickly she makes friends. I love that she is always the first kid in the class to introduce herself to the new kid in school and to offer to show them the ropes.

9. I love how she expresses every emotion whether it be happiness, sadness, anger,or fear with exhuberance. So dramatic! She might just have a future in show-biz.

10. I love that, at the advanced age of eleven, she doesn’t consider herself too old to kiss me good-bye in front of her friends. Or, to cuddle with me on the couch on movie night. Or, to creep into my bed when she has a bad dream.

11. She is always the first person to pass along a compliment.

12. She is quite patient with me when I struggle with the fifth grade math. Fifth grade math is hard!

13. She has been my guinea pig during this whole parenting experiment and she doesn’t hold the vast majority of my mistakes against me.

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  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    AWE.....she sounds like a wonderful little lady. You must be a really good Mom :)

  2. She sounds like a blessing. What a dear!

    And "popcorn on a knob?" Hilarious! And so cute.

  3. Sounds like a great girl!

  4. SUCH a great list! She sounds darling!

  5. This was the perfect list - you two are blessed.

  6. How wonderful!! She sounds like such a dear!

  7. Sounds like you both are blessed to have one another.

    Popcorn on a knob. I love it! I love misspoken things like that that become family treasures.

  8. Awww....I love my 4 year old daughter for many of the same reasons! Your daughter sounds like an angel!

  9. Wow, she sounds pretty remarkable. They say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  10. What a sweet girl you have there, gotta love the cuddling!

  11. She sounds like a real sweety! Popcorn on a knob is precious! Your list is a great tribute.

    Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #37