Saturday, January 03, 2009

Brand New Year, Same Old Chores

So far, 2009 is treating us well. Our New Year’s eve party was a lot of fun although, it seemed a lot noisier than last year’s party; it would appear that, the older they get, the louder the children become. I fear for the eardrums of their college friends if the trend continues.

New Year’s Day was spent sledding on Cerro Summit, a tradition we started when the kids were quite small (and more quiet). In fact, the first time we went, the Man-Cub was just over a year old and he and I spent our afternoon sledding down a three foot snow bank on our butts, no equipment required. Times have certainly changed; this year the Cub and Darren utilized three different tubes, an old wooden toboggan, a plastic sled and the seat of their butts when navigating the largest hill in the recreation area.

I got tired just watching them and, other than the energy required to push the shutter button on my camera three hundred times; made no effort whatsoever to physically participate in the sledding.

Jana made a solitary run down the hill, for propriety’s sake but otherwise joined me in watching the fun from the comfort of the camp chairs which were set up between two propane heaters. We sipped Snugglers (hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps), munched on rice krispie treats and generally just relaxed into the New Year while our husbands and offspring exhausted themselves for our viewing enjoyment.

I can think of far worse ways to celebrate the beginning of 2009.

Of course, yesterday, I faced the chore of taking down, boxing and storing the million-and-ten Christmas decorations littering the house but, Jana graciously offered to take the kids to her house for the day and, with no distractions; I had the house de-Christmased in record time. I cleaned as I went and now can proudly say that the house is as clean as it gets all year and I have the rest of the weekend to play with my new Cricut which I fully intend to do right now.

Who knows, maybe I will achieve my first goal for 2009: Catching up on the kids’ scrapbooks.

It could happen, after all; I’m only two years behind on each of them.

And, you know, I have all year.

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