Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Need This Like I Need a Hole in the Head

I’m sick. My throat is swollen and sore, my nose alternates between too stuffed to breathe and running like a faucet, sinus pain is causing my teeth to ache and my left ear is starting to ring. The timing could not be worse, of course; Hugh and I are headed to New Orleans on Thursday to attend our spring buyer’s market for the hardware store.

I’m taking over-the-counter measures to deal with this inconvenience but, I have little doubt that the flight alone will be enough to weaken whatever defenses I might build up between today and Thursday which, plainly sucks.

Hugh and I have been to New Orleans once before, prior to Katrina and her Waves and, sickness or not; I’m looking forward to visiting again; there’s just something about that town that I find intriguing. Maybe it’s the voodoo. Or, the café au’lait.

We’ll have a bit of free time to find out as Hugh and I are staying an extra day to explore the city. On our last trip, we visited the Mardi Gras museum and the aquarium and took a horse-drawn carriage through the French Quarter, this time; I’m thinking about a plantation tour. Whatever we end up doing, I know we’ll have fun; after all, last year’s market was in Orlando and Hugh and I made use of our extra day by visiting Universal Studios where we defied the laws of gravity. New Orleans will be tame by comparison.

While we are away, my parents are going to stay with the children. Both kids have been looking forward to this for some time as they are fully aware that a visit from Pop-Pop and Nana equals complate and utter spoilage.

Have you ever smelled spoiled children? Not the most pleasant scent in the world but, at the rate I am going with this cold, I won’t be able to smell them, anyway.

I try to look for the silver lining in any situation, had you noticed?


  1. Feel better and enjoy New Orleans!

  2. Go ahead and get to the doctor. A shot in the rear cures all. And, I am right there with you - I feel like crap, too. Something in the air, I guess. Have a great trip! Or die trying!