Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last night the Teenager and I attended the Man-Cub’s 4th Grade PE Showcase. The showcase has been held annually since 1972 and is designed to provide an avenue for the kids to display the skills they have learned in the phys. Ed. Program and to have fun while doing so. Every 4th grader in the district is required to participate so the largest gymnasium in the district is used to accommodate the multitude of parents, siblings, grandparents and friends who come to see the show. Even still, the space is historically over-crowded and stifling.

This year, however, the district wisely chose to split the six fourth grade classes in half, holding the Showcase on two separate nights; this decision was applauded by everyone as it did help to reduce the congestion in the gym and I can actually say that I got a good seat, parking was not the nightmare that I remember from when the Teenager participated in her Showcase and, I was able to get a half-way decent video of the Man-Cub flirting his way through the opening number which, in a nod to the show’s theme Back in Time, was the legendary dance from Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

It was awesome although, how the child managed to stay on beat even a little bit while engaging the little cutie in front of him in a rather involved conversation is beyond me.

Also beyond me? Where he learned the ghetto moves clearly displayed in the video because, not one other kid on the gym floor was quite so, um…American Bandstand about the whole thing so I’m guessing he didn’t learn those particular moves from his PE teacher although; I will see her later this month at Bunco and you can bet I’ll be sure to ask.

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  1. I mean, what the heck are they teaching these kids in school these days?? At least it's one of the classics - Michael Jackson. TOO CUTE!!!