Friday, March 13, 2009

This Just In: Demonic Snowman Takes Family Hostage. Details at Eleven

Seriously, does that snowman not look demonic to you? Hello!? He is poised to hit you with a snowball should you attempt to enter his territory and his eyes all but shout eeeviiilll.

The Man-Cub created the snowman and his little snow fort out of the last remaining snow from Tuesday’s storm and, as I type this, he is melting away into an angry puddle in the front yard. I mean, I’m guessing he’s angry; he didn’t look too happy to start off with and, you know he is dying, or the equivalent of it in snowman terms and he never got his shot at world domination which, by the malevolent look upon his face, was his sole purpose for existing in the first place. Seriously, had the Cub given him a mustache to twirl, he would be a perfect villain.

And, look; I just spent two whole paragraphs talking about an evil snowman. My life, it is so full.


In news not related to evil snowmen; we are gearing up for yet another Pee-Wee wrestling tournament tomorrow. This particular tournament is near and dear to our hearts because it is a fundraiser for Brandon’s memorial scholarship.

This is the first tournament of its kind and I fully expect to run into some major snags as far as the organization of it goes but, it will be worth the headaches, I’m sure.

Brandon’s mom asked The Teenager to award the medals to the winners of each bracket and she is taking the responsibility quite seriously; she already has her outfit laid out for tomorrow and has been practicing placing a medal over her brother’s head. I’m hoping it doesn’t raise the Cub’s expectations in as far as him winning his own medal at the tournament but, as last weekend goes to show; one never knows.

Still on the topic of sports (tis the season people, it’s going to ALL SPORTS! ALL THE TIME! please bear with me), baseball registration is coming to an end and team evaluations are scheduled for next Friday.

The President of the league has asked Hugh and me to consider letting the Cub play up to the 11-12 year -old Major’s team and, I’ll say right now; I don’t think it’s a good idea. Oh, it’s flattering as all hell because my son? Yeah, he’s a stud but; I would rather he stay with the 9-10 Minor team because that is where his friends are and because I think he deserves to have a successful year there rather than a year in which he might sit the bench more than he plays, which could totally happen if he joins the older kids.

Hugh tends to agree with me but we have agonized over the issue as well as over letting the Cub have a say in the decision. Honestly, my gut is telling me to keep him where he is and, while Hugh will be assistant coaching whichever team the Cub ends up on; I personally lurve our 9 and 10 year olds and their mothers-who never judge my laziness in refusing to run the concession stand –and I couldn’t function through an entire freaking season without them so; I guess that answers that question aaannd done (this blog, I swear; cheaper than therapy!!)

Of course, the topic of the concession stand is an on-going debate and I most likely will find myself running the damn thing with some frequency in which case…

I, too, shall look slightly demonic.

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