Monday, February 18, 2013

I Am Far Too Busy to be This Sick

The Teenager turns 17 on Saturday and all she asked for was a girl's trip to Denver to do some prom dress shopping. I am most happy to accommodate her and am really looking forward to the trip since, not only will I be spending quality time with my daughter, but; I'll have a chance to see my sister, as well.

So, of course I feel like death warmed over. Of course I do.

Things at work are really starting to get crazy; I have been tasked with the responsibility of coordinating a new grant in addition to my usual duties. It's a great opportunity and could lead to even more responsibility and higher status on the pecking order.

And I feel like I am slogging through quicksand just to take a breath. Because, of course I do.

I'm struggling to bring my A-game, for sure.

On the bright side, I haven't had sugar in almost a week and I haven't missed it even a little bit, so; at least this cold is enabling me to stick to my Lenten obligations without anything resembling effort.

There's that, I guess.

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