Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is It Over Yet?

Last day of February, can I get a whoo-hoo?!

The sun is shining and I didn't wake up to more new snow. I am still coughing but, this morning, when I blew my nose, I was rewarded with a golf-ball sized wad of bloody mucus.

Oh, were you eating? Sorry.

Anyway, that wad of mucus leaving my sinus cavities has significantly relieved the pressure in my head. Hopefully it is the beginning of the end of this crap.

Fingers crossed.

In other news, a cat-hair tumbleweed roughly the size of that featured in every old western that I have ever seen just rolled across my dining room; I'm looking forward to a weekend of deep-cleaning, me thinks.

In kid news, The Teenager got a job! She will be working at a take-n-bake pizza place in Pixler and she starts tomorrow. I see a lot of pizza in my future.

The Man-Cub has started basketball practice and his team is shaping up to be a force with which to be reckoned. He doesn't miss wrestling at all and has held up admirably to the taunts directed at him from the teachers at the school who think he is making a huge mistake. Note to certain adults: Leave the kid alone. He made a decision and it was his to make.

Our first tournament will be in a tourist town two-and-a-half hours away. It takes place mid-March and I am looking forward to making it a mini-vacation for the family, although, if past experience is any indication; my offspring will complain mightily about swimming in the natural mineral springs located in that town. Something about swimming in water that smells like rotten eggs really bothers them. Ridiculous, right?

In work news, I am co-interviewing applicants for a job at Place of My Employment. Yep; been there less than six months and they trust me to help with the hiring process. I love my job.

And, I love that today is the last day of February. I am ready for March. Ready for spring. Ready for the mud and the wind and the weeds that sprout before the first tulip pokes its' head out of the cool soil. Yes, even for those less-than-pleasant things; as long as it means that summer is right around the corner.

So, hello March! I feel like I should throw you a Welcome to the Neighborhood party.

I really do.

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