Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Red, Red Wine

I had such a nice weekend.

And then there was Monday, but, let's not spoil the memories by talking about that.

Friday afternoon, I had a massage that left me feeling relaxed and refreshed at the same time; I love massages like that.

Saturday, I got my home cleaned and organized and I spent some quality time with my kids. We don't get enough time together to just chill, so, that was a treat.

Saturday night, Hugh and I took the kids to see Warm Bodies, which might be one of our favorite zombie movies of all time. Before going to the theater, we stopped at the Hellmouth for a couple of boxes of Milk Duds and, while we were there, Hugh found an eight-bottle wine cooler that cost less than a single bottle of decent wine, so, he bought it for me for Valentines Day.

Sunday, I ripped that puppy out of the box and set it up in the kitchen, because, Valentines Day is too far away to wait for perfectly chilled wine.

After that, The Teenager and I drove to Neighboring City in search of items for her to wear today, because it is 80's day at school. We scored with a pair of neon pink leg warmers, neon green fingerless mesh gloves, a neon green headband and ginormous star-shaped earrings.

Then, we found the perfect pair of heels for her to wear to the school's first ever Winter Formal, which will take place Saturday night.

While we were shopping, we chatted and got caught up. I love days like that. Plus, when we got home, Hugh had done several loads of laundry so I wouldn't get behind. Extra score!

We also took some pictures for The Teenager to use when asking Not the Boyfriend to the Winter formal...

...he said yes.

Today, The Teenager is dressed and ready to kill the 80's theme. I hope she has a great day.

I am going to have a great day, as well. How could I not? I live with the knowledge that there are eight bottles of wine perpetually chillin' in my kitchen. That right there is job security for the Happy Fairy.

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