Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Our trip to Denver went really well. The Teenager and her friend each found the perfect prom dress, I got to spend time with my sister, we got a chance to watch Hugh in action at the state wrestling tournament (where I got to catch up with an old friend from high school), and, we didn't die in the blizzard that pounded the city and mountains on our return home; that may have been my favorite part.

As I've mentioned, I'm not the most confident driver in adverse conditions.

While we were in Denver, The Teenager turned seventeen. We celebrated with as much pomp and circumstance as could be managed under the circumstances, and, despite the lack of a birthday cake, I think The Teenager had a good time. She did get a birthday Sundae, presented to her by the singing staff of IHop, so, there was that.

Last night, a large group of her friends treated her to dinner at a local restaurant, and, she got her ear pierced in Denver, which was all she really wanted, so, I have to assume her birthday was a success.

Speaking of successes; I think my body is finally starting to fight back against this illness. I don't feel quite like I'm dying, anymore. And, while I am still tired as hell, I can breath without coughing and I'm not nearly as dizzy as I had been for the past week or so. I'll be really happy once I am back to 100%.

My goals for the week include catching up at work, grabbing staples at the grocery store, and, cleaning my house. I figure I'll be lucky if I accomplish two-out-of-three.

And, with the end of the week comes the end of the month and the beginning of March. I'm looking forward to that change; February has kicked my ass.

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