Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, Already? Where Did the Week Go?

It's been a busy week at Casa de Chelle. Between work, chores, work, and more chores, I haven't had a minute to rest. Part of the reason for this is that the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one always produces more bookwork at the store; combine that with the mental haze that I operated in for much of the late part of 2014, and you can imagine how many small mistakes I am now having to correct.

It's not fun.

Thankfully, this is a slower time of year at Day Job, so I don't feel as overwhelmed as I would if I were juggling an equally stressful job load, there.

Of course, things haven't just been busy for me; The Teenager is back in the groove of college classes and has also taken on a job hunt. She has an interview later today and I am crossing my fingers for her, as she has recently made the adult decision to transfer schools at the end of the semester and will need to finance a large part of her living expenses once she moves. Getting some job experience under her belt now may very well help in securing a position in Neighboring City later this summer which will help meet her financial obligations (My baby has obligations! She's so grown up!).

The Man-Cub is also busy with school and basketball and has been helping his father to process the two cow elk that they killed earlier this month. It is a time consuming job and I think Hugh is grateful for the help. Also, it is a life skill that the Cub will need if he intends to continue hunting (Since, you know, he is also growing up).

I wish I could say that today is the end of my busy week, but that would be a pipe dream since, later today, we are making the drive to Aspen to watch the Cub play basketball. He has another game tomorrow and, after I watch it, I am going to meet with Emily to work on the year-end reports some more. Then, on Sunday, I get to go to the store to do payroll, pay bills, figure sales tax, and stress over how I am going to rob Peter to pay Paul.

On the bright side, there is always next week, right?

Next week, I am going to make time for a pedicure and a latte if it kills me (I need to, my feet are beginning to resemble the hooves of a cave troll).

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