Sunday, January 18, 2015

Heroes and Villains

Hugh and I left for Aspen Friday afternoon and took our time making the drive. The weather was gorgeous, the roads were good, and we had time to spare before the Cub's game started. Our leisurely pace turned out to be a blessing when the coach of the varsity team called in a panic; his personal vehicle had lost a wheel bearing and he and his wife were stranded halfway to Aspen. Since we were just a bit ahead of them, it was no trouble to back-track for a rescue. The coach was very grateful and we were branded as heroes, but, the real hero was the mechanic at the small service station that the coach managed to reach just as his car hit situation critical; that guy stayed late to fix the bearing and coach's car was ready for him to pick up on his way home from the game. You don't see service like that very often these days.

Totally heroic.

Speaking of the game and of heroes, the boys played well but were not quite able to get the win. They never gave up, though, and they went down swinging.

Saturday afternoon, the boys played again, this time at home. The game was a nail-biter from the first tip off to the final score (38-35). The Cub played a really aggressive game, receiving an intentional foul call before ultimately fouling completely out with four minutes left to go in the final quarter. While all of his fouls (including the so-called "intentional" foul) were clean, meaning no malice involved, he was still bummed about having to take the bench. His coach, on the other hand, applauded his determination. Unfortunately, one of the referees appeared equally screw us over. I've never seen such a blatant disregard of fouls in my entire life; the opposing team was throwing elbows and purposely tripping our players and not a call was made against them. It was baffling and frustrating.

At one point, Hugh got a bit vocal about the inequity and came thisclose to getting kicked out of the gym, which, is not embarrassing at all. On the bright side, the athletic director at the school was present and he was disinclined to remove a parent from the gym (smart man). Then, at one point, a player from the guest team slid head-first into the brick wall, smashing his head hard and, the referee was so busy trying to keep the kid's coach off the court (he though the coach was protesting a call), he failed to notice the almost-unconscious kid on the court. It was ridiculous.

What an ass.

Also, I really hope the coaches check that kid for a concussion, because, as I said, he hit hard.

Anyway, all is well that ends well, and, as I've also said, we won. So, yay!

I'll see your "intentional foul" and I'll raise you a three-pointer

To celebrate the win, we went to see American Sniper with almost the entire boys basketball team. Not on purpose or anything, that's just how it worked out.

Did you know that, where teenaged boys go, teenaged girls are sure to follow? Yeah, last night was no exception; Hugh and I had front-row seats to the flirting ritual of the American teen. Trust me when I say, you have not lived until you sit back and observe that adolescent awkwardness in all it's glory.

The movie was good, too.

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