Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Things You Probably Don't Care To Know About My Blog Habit

1.  I have been blogging since 2003. I started out on Diaryland, which is basically a ghost town at this point, before migrating to Blogger.

2.  I read a lot of blogs back in the day; some of the authors of those blogs became real-life friends, whom I keep up with on Facebook, now.

3.  I still like to read blogs, but, I am more choosy about what-and who-I read.

4.  I do not read sponsored posts; I find them disingenuous. I do, however, like to hear about the products that bloggers like enough to write about without the promise of a paycheck or a freebie.

5.  In that same vein, affiliate links? Yeah, never gonna click on that bullshit. Kind of feel sorry for the sheeple who follow a blogger so closely that they want to purchase whatever the blogger is linking to that day, like, everyday. Get some self-respect, people. Or, you know, grow your own brain.

6.  I don't participate on snark sites. I have read them on occasion, but, for the most part, I think their existence is rather ridiculous. We all have the choice to click on that little X in the upper right-hand corner when we disagree with a blogger; it takes far more effort to open a new window just to bitch.

7.  I love food blogs, yet, I've made only a handful of the recipes that I have read. I blame laziness.

8.   I enjoy travel blogs. Someday, I hope to actually travel to the places that I have read about.

9.  I'm not a huge fan of fitness blogs. Again, I blame laziness.

10.  I love blogs by photographers and have learned some valuable lessons from them.

And, that's it. I hope you haven't been bored stiff by reading this, although, if you were, there is that little X that I was talking about earlier....should've used it sooner.

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