Thursday, January 26, 2017

Could This Month Just Be Over Already?

Longest. Month. In. History.

I know I say that about February every winter, but, this year, the Winter Blahs came early and are apparently going to linger. And, linger, and linger.


So far this month:

- I have been delayed on my trip to work by accidents three times. Lesson learned: Some people should just not leave their homes in inclement weather.

- I have written an extremely technical grant and submitted it through the state bid process. People? I am not a grant writer. Lesson learned: People who actually get paid to write grants are apparently actually just employed to occasionally check in on the peons doing the actual work before taking credit for the finished product.

- I have spent the first of two days with an evaluator from the State (today is Day Two). Lesson learned: I actually totally rock my job. This will, however, not result in like, a raise, or anything.

- I met with a new doctor, who, surprisingly, listened to my complaints without patting me on the head like I am simple. I am on a new dosage of my thyroid medication and have another appointment scheduled for eight weeks from now, when she will re-test my levels to see if we are making headway. Lesson learned: For me, female doctors only from here on out.

- I have woken up at 3:13 every day for the past 25 days. And, I mean 3:13 A.M., as in, before dawn. Lesson learned: Lack of sleep makes Chelle a very unhappy individual.

And, now I am late for work, which, I should note, has happened several times this month, and, while my tardiness is due to procrastination, I plan to blame it on the light skiff of snow on the road, because, every one of those three delays earlier this month were the result of sitting in traffic behind accidents caused by idiots driving on a light skiff of snow.

I hate winter.

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