Friday, January 27, 2017

Preparing for the Onslaught

I'm hosting the basketball team breakfast tomorrow morning, which means that I have some shopping to do today. I gave the Man-Cub a couple of choices for menu items and asked him to poll the boys, which resulted in a menu that will include biscuits and gravy, sausage, breakfast potatoes, and cheesy scrambled eggs. I'm also going to set out a selection of mini muffins and mini cinnamon rolls as well as a fruit salad, because, you know, healthy.

I am expecting three parents to help out, one of whom was my right-hand man at last year's waffle bar team breakfast, and two underclassman parents who have never witnessed a team meal, and, who will need to know what it entails if they are to carry on the tradition.

I can't believe this will be my last basketball team breakfast; the Cub's senior year is going entirely too quickly.

Last night, I attended an informational meeting at the school; we were learning about the new common scholarship application that the district is rolling out. After that meeting, I stayed for the senior graduation party planning committee meeting (say that fast ten times), where I was tasked with taking minutes, because, secretary (how do I get myself into this shit?).

Other than taking minutes, my contribution to the group is as a member of the decorating/refreshment sub-committee, which, I am actually enjoying (so far). BCPE and three other Booster Moms are also part of the committee and we work well together, so, I envision good things to come. So far, we have toured the venue (gorgeous private golf club) and determined that we will decorate with a rustic theme. We have also determined that we will set up several food stations, each featuring a different type of food, such as taco bar, hamburger bar, pasta bar, etc. We are also going to do a smores bar, because, chocolate.

The committee charged with planning the activities for the party presented a video that they will be showing the seniors next week, in order to inform them about the party and to get them excited about attending; I have to say, it was a kick-ass video, which, didn't surprise me because the woman who put it together is an absolute rock-star (she was my helper-mom at my football team dinner). The video got the committee excited about the party as well, despite all the work we know is to come.

I have to say, this experience is far superior to the shit-show that was Queen B's senior party planning committee and total credit goes to the core group of parents who have been working together to support these kids since Kindergarten; they are people I can relate to and that I enjoy, and, I anticipate this senior party being every bit as successful as the 8th Grade continuation party that we all planned four years ago.

Gulp. Four years.

Do I need to mention that this is the last time that I will plan a senior party? No? I didn't think so.

Anyway, time to hit the Hellmouth for groceries, paper plates, plastic utensils, and Kleenex (for the tears, this is my last team breakfast, remember?).

Peace out.

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