Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Family That Basketball Built

The boys lost their game yesterday, a game that was played on the road, in a community not well known for their spectacular sportsmanship or good manners, and, located in an area that requires a treacherous drive in bad weather. Yesterday, we had terrible weather and saw equally terrible sportsmanship. Good thing we weren't expecting anything different.

The boys played well, they maintained their composure and we left the gym with our heads held high, every bit as classy as we expected. Then, we went to a local pizza parlor, where, we polished off several pizzas, a number of calzones, twelve salads, and a couple of dishes of pasta. It may sound like we were pigging out, but, in our defense, there were a lot of us.

This is what basketball has created: a family that travels together, cheers together, laughs together, eats together, and that vows to haul each other's asses out of any snow banks that we may accidentally crash into on the way home. Thankfully, that last part didn't apply last night, but, had it not been for my basketball family, I wouldn't know that I am in need of a new bulb in my brake light.

Family for the win!

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