Thursday, November 05, 2020

It's My Day Off...Not So Fast

 I had intended to take today and tomorrow off from New Job, but, as is the way with this job, we got an emergency that has to be addressed this morning, to work I go.


On the bright side, I will still get to take the afternoon off, and, barring any new emergencies, will take tomorrow off as planned as well.

What do I plan to do with all my "free" time? Take down my Halloween decorations and start working on Christmas decor, of course. As one does on the 5th day of November in the year 2020.

Normally, I would be putting up Thanksgiving decor, but, since my sister and nephew are coming for Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to put up the Christmas decorations early; that way, I can spend time with them while they are here, rather than being distracted either by  putting up the Christmas decorations or by fretting about not putting up the Christmas decorations (in years that we spend Thanksgiving at home, I start decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving night. On years that we travel to my Mom's, I put it up early, so it is done when we get home). 

I feel the tiniest bit sad about "skipping" Thanksgiving, but, I am doing my best to minimize anxiety in my life, and this is a small thing that I can do in that effort, so; there it is.

We will still be making our traditional Thanksgiving dinner favorites, and, while we won't be watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade like we normally would (seriously, fuck you Covid), we will be thankful for being together while we watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

 As one does on Thanksgiving day in the year 2020.

Anyhoodle, off to work I go.

EDITED: Apparently, there will be a Macy's parade! So, I will be watching it on television on Thanksgiving day, as will the residents of New York City, who, aren't invited to attend the parade in person this year. Now they're saying fuck you, Covid.


  1. No Macy's Parade? Yaaayy - I mean, bummer. The spousal unit will be disappointed. Me? Probably be loading the turkey in the smoker, trying to not drool.

  2. Yeah for putting up your Christmas decorations! We are doing the same here- we could all use the extra joy this year- have a wonderful time decorating :)