Sunday, November 29, 2020

We Gather Together to Give Thanks

 What a great weekend we have been having. I'm whispering because I don't want 2020 to get wind of it and smite me for my hubris.

Technically, a weekend doesn't start until Saturday, but, since it was a holiday, we got a jumpstart on the festivities by starting Wednesday at noon, when; I closed the doors at New Job, gathered the last of our essential groceries (alcohol. I bought alcohol), plus a new item for my holiday decorating...

...(he's vintage! And, he was on sale!) and headed home to begin what would become four and a half days of  gluttony, laziness, and sloth.

Wednesday evening, Queen B, the Rodeo Princess, my nephew (historically known on this blog as the Rebel Without a Pause), and his daughter arrived for the holiday. We ordered in from a local Mexican restaurant and then I spent the evening showing my great niece all of the fun things that my Christmas tree ornaments do in between prepping the cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pies for the next day's feast. 

While I was busy, Hugh introduced her to our dancing Santa and she spent a solid hour dragging her father into the foyer to shake his groove thing with The Big Guy (payback for all of the times that the Rebel pushed Hugh and me to the brink of exhaustion when we would babysit him). It was adorable.

Thursday morning, we all slept in a bit before getting up to start a marathon day of cooking, Hallmark movie watching, and visiting. The Rebel and the baby had to leave before noon, to make it back to Mayberry for the custody exchange with the baby's mother (2020 has not been kind to marriages; both the Rodeo Princess and the Rebel went through separations and divorces this year. It's unfortunate, but, I have faith that they will both be better off and that good things are on the horizon for each of them).

Dinner was a culinary feat of determination and luck; the turkey was on the smaller side but roasted better than many of the larger birds that I have cooked. 

And, while there were fewer of us at the table this year (the Man-Cub was feasting on a store-bought Thanksgiving feast; kuddos to Safeway delivery! I purchased everything online and they only forgot to include the dinner rolls), we still consider ourselves blessed beyond measure. Cheers to that!

Friday morning, I had to run into New Job to run payroll. Erin invited me to join her for some Black Friday shopping, but I declined; I detest Black Friday on a good year, nevermind  The Year of the Pandemic. Hard pass.

Instead, I went back home and indulged heavily in the laziness and sloth that I mentioned previously. It was easy enough to do, with Christmas decorations already up and plenty of leftovers to eat for dinner.

Saturday was my birthday and Hugh surprised me with three more reindeer for my blow mold collection. I was thrilled! I have had a lifelong dream of owning Santa's sleigh and all eight reindeer; the dream includes suspending them in the air so they appear to be in flight, and, once I have the last three deer, I have no doubt Hugh will figure out a way to make that happen.

After ooohing and aahhing over my deer, Hugh, Mom, and I joined The Lesbians for breakfast at a diner in Pixler. I had a breakfast burrito that was about the size of my forearm, and it was delicious. Later in the day, Queen B came over to take me shopping, we picked up Chinese takeout, and I finished off the day with a visit from The Lesbians, who had forgotten my present earlier in the day (French white burgundy! They know me so well!).

It was a great day and the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Today, I need to go into the hardware store, do laundry, and mentally prepare myself for reentry into the real world. I'm ready. I feel energized following a short workweek and a long, enjoyable weekend. Of course, ask me how I'm doing around Wednesday.

I get a week off for Christmas. I get a week off for Christmas. I get a week off for Christmas...yes, Chelle, just keep telling yourself that.

Anyhoodle! What an amazing, wonderful, fabulous weekend! 

Please don't smite me, 2020.

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Glad you slipped it into a great weekend!