Tuesday, August 03, 2021

In the Meadow We Will Build a Campsite...

Hugh and I spent the weekend in the mountains with The Newlyweds and another couple, who, also happen to be newly wedded, having just celebrated their first anniversary. So, for purposes of this post, our companions will be known collectively as The Newlyweds. Also, how cool is it that our group was comprised of a couple of lesbians, a couple of gay men, and a completely hetero couple? We were a diverse group to be sure, and, when we passed fellow campers on our 4-wheelers, we left them scratching their heads for sure.

But, I digress.

The camping trip had been planned since the 4th of July, when Hugh, the (Lesbian) Newlyweds, and I discovered the perfect campsite while on our first 4-wheeling excursion. The campsite was in a large meadow with plenty of space for our campers, trucks, and trailer. Large trees provided shade and protection from the rain yet there was plenty of grassy area, perfect for soaking in the sun or having a leisurely picnic. The fact that the campsite was located a mile down a somewhat sketchy stretch of rocky dirt road hardly bears mentioning (unless you are Erin who, as a novice camper-hauler; cursed Hugh's very existence for a significant portion of the time she was navigating the road). 

We got to the campsite late Friday evening and immediately set up camp. Hugh busted out his grill, tables, and coolers and set up an efficient camp kitchen under the awning of our motorhome. The (Lesbian) Newlyweds set up their vintage pull-behind and immediately set up their fabulous outdoor shower. The (male) Newlyweds worked on setting up the fire pit. In the end, we had almost all the luxuries of home, including a strong enough cell phone signal that I was able to relax and not worry about missing a call from work. It really was the perfect campsite.

Once camp set-up was complete, Hugh threw some brats on the grill and we enjoyed our first dinner under the stars before calling it a night. The temperatures dropped significantly overnight, so I was more than happy to have a functioning heater in the motorhome. I may enjoy the great outdoors, but I draw the line at death by exposure to the elements.

Saturday morning, we toasted the day with mimosas and jumped on the 4-wheelers for the first ride of the weekend; it would not be the last. In all, we rode four different trails, saw a gaggle of wild turkeys, a pile of ruby-red bear poop (answering the age old question), gorgeous scenery, and enough wild flowers to fill a hundred vases. It was awesome.

Then, we went back to camp for hamburgers, wine around the campfire, and so, so many laughs. 

We more or less repeated the day on Sunday, but had to cut it short so that we could break down camp and head back to civilization to do boring things like working. Sigh. Anyhoodle, we agreed to do it again sooner rather than later and then our small gang went our separate ways with memories to sustain us.

Until next time...

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