Sunday, August 22, 2021

Life Lately

I keep meaning to write here, honestly, I do. But, life gets in the way, or, in my case; becomes too boring to document. I keep telling myself that the documentation, no matter how boring, will be important to me one day, and that I should make the effort, no matter how mundane my experiences, so; here we go.

The first thing worth mentioning is that the Man-Cub left for his (fingers crossed) last semester of school. His girlfriend joined him and will be living with him until graduation in December. I'm happy that she went with him; she's a sweetheart and I am very happy that they found each other. I'm not entirely certain that her parents feel the same way, but, I also know what it feels like to watch my daughter move hundreds of miles away from me, so I can't blame them for their concern. What I do know is that the Cub will take the very best care of her that he can, and, I hope they will come to realize that as well.

The night before they flew out, we took them to dinner, along with Hugh's parents. Dinner before departure has become kind of a tradition but, not gonna lie; one that I will be happy to hang up for good. I just pray that Hawaii doesn't shut down again, making it impossible for the Cub to finish his labs (which are all that stand between him and his degree). If he were in a position of having to wait another semester (or more) to finish; I'm pretty sure he would throw the university the middle finger and quit. That would be a lot of time and money down the drain for nothing (please, Lord, don't let that happen).

On a less stressful topic, I spent the better part of yesterday making a video for an event that we are hosting for Not So New Job (never thought I would say that anything having to do with Not So New Job would be a less stressful topic, but, there ya go).

The video stars The Newlyweds and it is going to be hilarious. The weather was not exactly cooperative early in the filming, but, we adapted like true professionals. I'll have to link the video here once it goes live, but, in the meanwhile, here are some still shots from the day.

Once we were finished filming, I treated the crew to breakfast at a greasy spoon in Hooterville. We shared a giant cinnamon roll and I had the Eggs Benedict for my entree. I can think of far worse ways to end an extra workday.

Plus, after breakfast, The Newlyweds and I went shopping. The Spirit Halloween store opened on Friday and I was excited to see this year's merchandise. I was not disappointed! I got a book of spells just for fun (and because my rapidly growing library of spell books makes Hugh just the slightest bit nervous. Don't worry, Hugh; I have yet to find the spell that will turn you into a frog for keeping me up with your snoring).

Before we parted ways, The Newlyweds and I also hit the new muffin shop in Hooterville. I got a pumpkin cheesecake muffin, so, I think it's safe to say that autumn is upon us.

When I got home, Hugh hung up the new solar chandelier that I made from a scavenged light fixture (that may be a project that deserves its' own post) and we enjoyed another Hello Fresh win (yogurt marinated curry chicken).

So, that's a little bit of what life looks like, lately. Mundane? Yes. Boring? Most definitely. Worthy of documentation? Jury is still out, but, at least I made the effort.

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