Friday, January 21, 2022

Just Another Friday Favorites Post

But, not just any Friday Favorites; it's the first Friday Favorites of 2022! 

In no particular order:

I've written about this amazing pasta sauce several times; recently, my local chain market stopped carrying it. I was heartbroken. When I mentioned it to my sister Barbie at Christmas, she immediately contacted her friend who does the buying for the chain market, specifically, the buying for the pasta/pasta sauce department. Her friend ordered several jars for me and my sister shipped them earlier this week. I am now a happy, happy girl who will be making butternut squash lasagna, butternut rigatoni, and various other butternut pasta concoctions.

While organizing my makeup drawer in my bathroom last weekend, I rediscovered this Too Faced eye shadow pallet. I had forgotten how much I love it and I've been using it on repeat every day this week.

I am on a 21 day step streak! And, while the gym is starting to get a little more crowded; I still usually have plenty of room between myself and the next treadmill occupant.

I got several compliments on my hair today... which I replied "Thanks! I bought it on Amazon!" I really did; it's a faux bun that goes on over my own bun,  scrunchie-style. I'm wearing it on days that I can't be bothered to wash my hair, which, let's be honest, constitute a lot of days. As an aside...

Favorite dry shampoo, currently.

And that's about it for this week's month's particular Friday Favorites post (making no promises for regularity here).

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