Friday, July 28, 2023

Friday Favorites

It's been a while since I did a Friday Favorites post, and since these posts are so easy to write; you'd think I's do it more often. Anyway, here are the things that are tickling my fancy recently.

#1: Maui Jim reader sunglasses. 

I talked about them in my latest What's Up Wednesday post, but they deserve another shout-out since I wear them daily. Being able to shield my eyes from bright sunlight while also being able to read the fine print on my phone while stopped at a red light has been a game changer for me. Isn't old age fun?!

#2: Culvers opened in Hooterville a couple of years ago and, until just recently, I had never been there. That changed the day before the golf tournament for Not So New Job, when the frustration caused by golf course staff drove me to grab something cold and sweet in order to calm my nerves. Enter Culvers flavor of the day: Blackberry Cobbler on a waffle cone. It. Was. Amazing.

#3: I also talked about K18 on Wednesday, but it also deserves a few more words. If you have dry, damaged hair, K18 might be for you. I'm really happy with the improvement in the look and feel of my hair, and it seems to be breaking less easily. Time will tell if the reversal is permanent, but I am optimistic.

#4: This new shade of OPI is a recent Marshalls find and I am enjoying it on my toes. It's sort of a cross between lavender and orchid and it makes the tan on my feet really stand out.

#5: A couple of weeks ago, I attended a permanent jewelry party that Mama Jill hosted. I chose this chain and charm and I am loving the way it looks together. The bracelet is guaranteed for a year, so it should be worth the expense, which, honestly, wasn't that high.

#5: Fridays off! Today is the first Friday of the new schedule at Not So New Job, and, barring any emergency calls, my staff and I will be enjoying some much-deserved downtime. I'm piloting this plan for six months, and, am hopeful that it will work. For today, I am going to take my time getting some household chores done before heading into town for a reflexology massage, which, will be number 6 on this list 😊

Happy Friday, y'all!

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