Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Friendships Are Like Whiskey; They Just Get Better With Age

I had been looking forward to this past weekend for months, as I do every year that features a Girls Weekend. Last year, we just couldn't pull it together ( five women with busy families, full time jobs, second jobs, and other obligations are seldom able to find a date on the calendar that aligns with everyone's schedules, so I'll take it when we can get it), but, this year, we nailed it.

Thursday evening, Jules drove down to Petticoat Junction, and, Friday morning; we hit the road to New Mexico, where we met Tee. Tee recently purchased a small houseboat on Navajo Lake, and we were looking forward to a couple of days of bobbing about on the water. 

When we were all in college, we spent weekends on the Colorado side of Navajo, but the marina on the New Mexico side is far superior to the Colorado side, and Tee was happy to get a package deal on the houseboat and a pontoon, plus, her neighbors in the marina are friends from Durango; so she had a lot of help when it came to learning how to be a boat owner.

Tee, Jules, and I got settled in (which means we got alllll the liquor stored away in the fridge and coolers) and waited for Phoebe and Reese to arrive (Reese had been in Mayberry, visiting her dad, so she and Phoebe convoyed over the mountain). Finally, we were all together!

Friday night, we were invited onto a boat owned by a friend of Tee's, where we were treated to an incredible dinner and a liberal application of libations (drinks just taste better on the lake) before turning in to get some sleep.

Saturday morning, we made breakfast, lounged on the boat deck, and sipped Bloody Marys and mimosas. Then, Tee introduced us to some more of her friends (one of whom is Tee's business partner of the past decade), who invited us to spend the day on their ski boat, which is what we did.

That evening, we donned our traditional Girls Weekend shirts (no picture of all of us in them this year, sadly) and made the rounds to Tee's neighboring boaters, where we chatted and sipped and chatted some more before heading back to Tee's for carne asade grilled to perfection.

Sunday morning, we took the pontoon out for a leisurely troll of the lake, stopping for several hours for good conversation, sunbathing, and a light charcuterie board lunch.

Then, sadly, we headed back to the houseboat to pack up for the trip home. Reese had a seven hour drive ahead of her (back to Phoenix), Phoebe, Jules, and I had three-to-four hours of driving ahead of us, and Tee needed to get home to treat a mysterious head wound that had been getting progressively uglier during our stay (the cut on her forehead appeared 4th of July weekend and she has no recollection of how it happened, which is not unusual for our Tee).

Jules and I rolled into my driveway around six and we said our goodbyes so she could finish the last hour of her drive.

I had such a nice time with my Girls and I miss them already. It's so amazing how we can go for long periods of time without seeing each other, just to fall back into a comfortable rhythm like no time at all has passed. I guess that's what happens when you have thirty-five years of friendship under your belts.

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