Wednesday, July 12, 2023

What Do You Tink?

Since they made the decision to move to the UK, Erin and Kristi have been slowly paring down their possessions; what they aren't taking with them will go into storage and they are determined to store it in the small shed they have on their property (they will be renting the house out while they are gone).

The larger items that would require a rented storage unit were among the first to be sold, including Erin's beloved 1950's camper, affectionately known as Tink.

Since parting with Tink was so hard on Erin, I offered to do a retro photo shoot of her while we were camping earlier this month. The idea was #9 on the Bon Voyage Bucket List and I'm pretty sure we knocked it out of the ballpark. Hopefully, the pictures took the sting out of watching Tink being driven away by her new owner this past weekend.

One of Erin's favorite features of the camper was the outdoor shower set-up. Tink had no running water, so this was basically a retractable shower curtain that one of the girls could stand behind while the other one poured water over her head, but, still; it was adorable.

Tom couldn't resist getting in on the action

And that's what he gets for messing with Kristi's girl :)

Kristi is definitely the less girly of The Lesbians (I'm going to miss them insisting on being called that), so she was less interested in dressing in a vintage outfit and more interested in channeling her inner lumberjack.

Erin was all over it, naturally. She found this vintage dress at the store where we did our DIY hat making project and had been dying for an occasion to wear it.

The girls leave for the UK on September 19th and our vintage-themed Bon Voyage party will give Erin another opportunity to wear the dress. I'm going to miss that crazy girl. I'm going to miss them both. I would be lying, however, if I said I wasn't excited about the prospect of visiting them overseas, because I am alllll about that!

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