Monday, August 14, 2023

Miss Mia's Bougie Boozy Bridal Bash

Unless you've been living under a rock; you know that I've spent the last several months planning Mia's bridal shower. Unless you're here for the first time, that is, which, if so, welcome! For the rest of you, it finally happened! And it went as planned!

Our theme, was Brunch and Bubbly. I did a decent job of documenting the bubbly part; the brunch, not so much. So, you'll have to take my word for it when I say the menu was a huge hit! I served a breakfast casserole that is rapidly becoming a fan favorite, mini quiches, sausage links, mixed fruit, a selection of pastries, and mini pancake skewers with tiny syrup bowls. The pancakes were a huge hit and everyone assumed they were incredibly time consuming to prepare, which couldn't be farther from the truth (my secret weapon? A turkey baster. Not even kidding).

The bubbly portion of the party was also a huge hit. We served mimosas, wine, and coffee. The wine was in the champagne fountain (which really has no business billing itself as a champagne fountain because champagne won't flow through the damn thing; learned that one the hard way, which is why we had to serve the pink champagne from a pitcher), and the champagne bottles were chilling in the rose ice cubes that I'd spent months freezing. Well, two of the champagne bottles were chilling that way; we actually ended up going through eight bottles of champagne, the majority of which were in the fridge until we needed to pop them open (not kidding about this being a boozy bash).

We carried the theme through the guest favors, which were mini champagne bottles, tied with a straw. These were also a huge hit.

Most showers include games of some sort and this one was no different. We did a "What's On Your Phone?" game and a "How Well Do You Know the Bride?" game, which were both enthusiastically received. Or, maybe it was the prizes that the winners were enthusiastic over, rather than the games, themselves (good quality olive oil, balsamic oil, and sea salt with a glass cruet in one and a set of fancy cheese knives and a good quality cheese board in the other).

I had also included recipe cards in each invitation that I mailed, asking the guests to share their favorite recipe with the bride. Several guests who were unable to attend sent theirs by mail, which was a nice surprise for Mia. Queen B and I then presented the recipes in a personalized recipe binder, which Mia loved.

The flower wall that I purchased for the shower was a fantastic investment. It made a lovely backdrop for photos as well as for Mia to sit in front of while opening her gifts. So, if you live anywhere near Petticoat Junction and are looking for an awesome photo backdrop, I can totally hook you up! Otherwise, this bad boy will be living in my attic.

Speaking of backdrops; the champagne bottle and bubbles balloon arch kit was a total find at the Dollar General; the quality of the balloons was impressive considering how inexpensive the kit was, and, it looked adorable over the drink station.

Queen B and I purchased a countertop ice machine as our gift, which doesn't exactly photograph well 😅, but, Queen B knew both Mia and her groom would be stoked about it. Her groom will also be stoked about several of the lacy bits that Mia received, no doubt.

Unfortunately, only one of the bridesmaids and the junior bridesmaid were able to attend the shower (Queen B is the Maid of Honor, and then there are three bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid), but she knocked it out of the park with her gifts! 

Reversable pillowcase, perfect for letting the groom know where he stands 😅. And wine bottles, labeled for special occasions, which is an idea that I am absolutely, shamelessly, going to steal.

Speaking of stealing ideas; I am also going to steal the "game" that Mia's grandma taught us. It's simple, actually; Jane quietly wrote down the statement that Mia made as she opened each gift, as well as other phrases that she said during that time, then, she read them to us with the caveat that, since none of us would be with Mia on her wedding night, these are the things she would be saying. It. Was. HILARIOUS! It was a first for me, but it won't be a last. I'm going to use it at every shower I host or attend.

What a fun day we had! The shower started at 10:30 and the last guest didn't leave until 4:00! Everyone was just enjoying the day, the porch, the company, and, of course, the case of champagne!  

Mia was so thankful for everything she got and simply grateful for having her people show up for her, which, is really the best gift of all. I loved meeting her mom, future mother-in-law, grandmother, and friends, who we will see again at the wedding. 

I am so glad I offered to host and that Queen B was there to help. We make a great team and I always love doing this kind of thing with her. Sadly, we had to say goodbye again of Sunday, but, my girl reassured me by whipping out her phone and showing me the countdown to the wedding on her calendar. Only 18 days until we see her again.

I can't wait.

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