Tuesday, August 29, 2023

The One With the Bon Voyage Party

This past Saturday, I hosted the last of the events scheduled for the porch this year; Erin and Kristi's Bon Voyage party. The Lesbians leave for Wales the day after Not So New Job's final fundraiser of the year, which will give us another opportunity to send them off with the fanfare that they deserve, which makes me happy because, sadly, Kristi's grandmother passed away and she was unable to attend the Bon Voyage, as she was attending the funeral out of state.

Erin represented for both of them at the party, and Kristi did FaceTime with us for awhile, so it was ok. Erin arrived early to help decorate and then spent four hours greeting her guests and mingling with the crowd, and, what a crowd we had! Did I manage to take a single picture of said crowd? No, no I did not. I was too busy refilling the Sangria, snacks, ice, and other important items.

All in all, it was a great party. Erin got to say goodbye to a lot of people that she might not have seen, otherwise.

I was happy to throw the party; you know I love taking advantage of any occasion that I can entertain on the porch. This summer has been a really busy one for those types of events and I'm not complaining. I did, however, enjoy some quiet time Sunday morning, that's the beauty of the porch; it's a great place to entertain and to relax.

Do you think I'll ever get tired of reminding Hugh that he didn't want to build the porch because he didn't think we'd use it?

That was a rhetorical question, obviously.

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