Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Up Wednesday, August 2023 Edition


And just like that, the summer was over.

There's nothing left to do but write about it in this month's What's Up Wednesday, hosted, as always, by Sheaffer and Shay.

What I'm Eating

I've had a few really good restaurant meals this month, including this airline chicken breast with Parmesan risotto. Why do they call it airline chicken? I have no idea, but it was delicious.

I also had an Italian sausage cannelloni, which was a first for me. I enjoyed it, and would definitely order it again.

On a slightly healthier note, Erin and I have been walking from Not So New Job to the local hospital, where we have been hitting the salad bar in the cafeteria. In addition to salad fixins, they also have two featured soups of the day. The Thai chicken fire and rice soup was a winner.

When I'm not eating out, I'm enjoying the fruits of my gardening labors, quite literally. Tomatoes are fruits, after all.

What I'm Reminiscing About

I'm not reminiscing about anything; I've been too busy living in the moment. 

What I'm Loving

Relaxing on the porch has become a favorite way to kill time, lately.

Relaxing in the garden comes in a close second.

And, actually cooking with the vegetables that I am growing is right up there, as well.

Speaking of cooking; I purchased the cutest little spoons from a shop in Pixler. This has become both my and Hugh's favorite way to use salt and pepper. It's actually less messy than the shakers we were using previously.

What I've Been Up To

I hosted an event on the porch every single weekend of the month. The first was a casual dinner with friends; while we ate, we listened to the Colin Raye concert that was taking place in the park less than a block away. 

The second event was the bridal shower that Queen B and I hosted for Miss Mia. It was a lovely party and I got to meet both Mia's mother and her soon-to-be Mother in Law.

The third event was a wine tasting that I invited Mama Jill and her family over for. I didn't take any pictures of that evening, however, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Then, this past weekend, I hosted twenty-some of Erin and Kristi's best friends for a vintage-themed Bon Voyage party. 

It was a very busy month for the porch.

In other news, my staff and I participated in National Night Out, with our local law enforcement department. The highlight of the event was the dunk tank, in which Hugh got soaked by a long line of eager children, including his own.

One last thing; Mom, Shanti, Shanti's mom, and I went to the "pick-your-own" flower field in Pixler, where we cut and arranged bouquets. It was such a beautiful day, and I could not have picked better people to spend it with.

What I'm Working On

My golf swing! That's right; I'm golfing. Or, learning to, anyway. My current skill level is somewhere at -2 on a scale from 1-10, but, I'm determined to at least crawl out of the negative numbers by the time our group lessons are done. What? I forgot to mention that I'm golfing in a group? Hell yes, I am. This is Team Building 101 right here.

What I'm Dreading

I am not currently dreading anything, which is a very peaceful place to find myself.

What I'm Excited About

Halloween is almost exactly two months away! Time to bust out the skeletons!

What I'm Watching

I think we can all agree that television kind of sucks right now, amiright? So, my greatest form of entertainment has been watching the hummingbirds at my feeders. They are fascinating, and, keep me entertained for minutes at a time.

What I'm Listening To

As I type this, an old episode of The Office is playing in the background. Currently, the office staff are debating the question of whether or not Hillary Swank is hot. I personally never found her all that attractive, which puts me in the same camp as Phyllis, Kevin, Creed, Oscar, Andy, and Meredith. In case you were curious.

What I'm Reading

Are you kidding? Did you not see how busy my month has been? Who has time for reading with an event schedule like that? (The answer you are probably searching for is: People who are better at organizing their time, and you would not be wrong)

What I'm Wearing

Let's just say that I have worn more dresses this month than in the last six months, combined. I haven't really hated it, not gonna lie.

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Queen B will be home tomorrow and we will be spending the weekend celebrating Miss Mia's wedding. Looks like I'll be wearing another dress.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month

I'm really hoping to take some time off toward the end of September. That's definitely something to look forward to.

Favorite Amazon Find This Month

I purchased these fly fans to keep flies away from the food that I served on the porch at each of the month's events. They worked like a charm.

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  1. It sounds like a very busy month for the porch but all the parties looked wonderful!

    I am loving those hummingbird photos. I feel like I hardly saw any hummingbirds this year (then again I think I did a lousy job of keeping the feeders filled with fresh nectar so I'm sure that's on me).