Monday, August 21, 2023

We're Going Fore It (See What I Did There?)

Every year, when my staff and I are tooling around the golf course during our annual fundraising tournament, we threaten to actually learn the game. This year, the general manager of our favorite course encouraged us to try the women's clinic at his course and we decided that we had no good reason not to take him up on it.

The clinic is called Wild Women Wednesdays, and, for the price of the registration, you get a month of weekly clinics, discounted green fees, a bucket of balls and access to the driving range once a week, and a free drink during the lesson. "Sign us up!", I said. And, I did. Because, I am the boss and I get to decide how to use my Resiliency budget.

In addition to my staff (six of us, including Erin, who is currently employed as our Mental Health Coordinator); I signed up Kristi and Shanti. The eight of us showed up for our first lesson last Wednesday and we could see the fear in the golf pro's eyes. Ha! Just kidding! He was so excited to see us there; he knows a good time when he sees it coming.

And it was a very good time! We started in the bar, where we each grabbed a drink. Several of us tried the Wild Women Special, which was vodka, cranberry, lime, and soda. It wasn't terrible, but I will probably try something new this week.

Once we had our drinks in hand, we gathered on the practice range, where we introduced ourselves to the other eight women in the class. Then, the general manager split us into two groups, and our group went to the putting green to learn how to putt. Spoiler: none of us are very good putters. We estimate our current level of expertise at about 0 but have set a goal of leaving the month's lessons at a solid 2. 

We like to set the bar low like that.

We spent the first half of the lesson cursing balls that would not go into the hole before switching places with the second group of women and heading back to the practice range, where, to our delight, we discovered that we are slightly better at chipping than putting.

Only very slightly, but we'll take what we can get.

Shanti, it should be noted, was a complete natural at the chipping. She really, really enjoyed it, too. Our goal is to keep her talent a secret from the Man-Cub and Hugh, at least until we have a chance to dazzle them on the course. I'll be dazzling them with my ineptitude, but that is to be expected. Shanti's talent will be a complete surprise.

Anyhoodle, the class is a great way to bond as a team, as well as great exercise (my back and arms are still sore). Plus, next year, we will have a lot more knowledge about the game when we host the tournament, and, that was the primary goal anyway.

I won't mention the fact that I am really loving golf attire, but, seriously! The skorts are so comfy! It's almost worth learning the game just to wear the outfits.

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